Assam FTGFOP1 "Tonganagaon" organic

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Assam Tonganagaon FTGFOP-1

The Jamguri Tea Estate in Assam is part of the Ambootia Tea Group. Jamguri is the company’s only estate in Assam, whilst they run several estates in Darjeeling. These are all organic certified, whilst several offer teas under the Fairtrade scheme. James was made very welcome at Jamguri as well as on his visit to Ambootia and Moondakotee in Darjeeling.

Jamguri is situated in the Golaghat district of central Assam and is approximately 40kms south of the River Brahmaputra that runs the length of Assam. When James visited the estate it was prior to the growing season, but was still extremely busy in preparation. Each year, between seasons, alongside pruning the tea bushes the planting of new saplings takes place – they were hoping to plant up over 100 new acres in the next few years. Meanwhile in the large nursery new cuttings were being potted up.

Within the bounds of Jamguri, common to estates around India, there are several villages where staff and their families live and the children attend state run schools. Amongst other things, the company provides housing, cooking fuel and basic medical treatments. Every child is entitled to free primary school education and scholarships for further training are available.

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