Darjeeling First Flush 2017 "Badamtam" ORGANIC

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Organic First Flush 2017 Darjeeling, Badamtam FTGFOP-1

This fresh young First Flush Darjeeling is harvested at 320 ha at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level.

Badamtam plantation is owned by Goodricke Group Ltd., which also owns Barnesbeg tea plantation. The plantation was created in 1858 by Christine Barnes and is 17 km. From the city of Darjeeling.

The tea has many big Silver Tip and the first fine little leaves. Due to handy manufacturing of teas in rolling and sorting, this tea can be brewed at least 3 - 4 times and each time it shows a slightly different character in the cup.

The tea plant is the Chinese tea tree Camelia Sinensis, who has grafted cuttings from the Indian tea tree Camelia Assamica. This hybrid provides tea that has been appreciated abroad because of its excelent taste. The bright and delicate flavor of the Chinese tea, mixed with the Assam tea tree, delivers sweet and fresh flavor, gives you a cup of unforgettable grandeur and I can say without blushing that you can not find a better First Flush tea flavor Than in this beauty.

Can also be enjoyed by white tea lovers.

This finest quality Darjeeling Tea is produced in very limited quantities.

4-5 teaspoons per Liter of water
95o hot water
3-5 min. infusion time

Type: Black tea (first flush of the year 2017)

Country of Origin: India, Darjeeling District, Sikkim Province