Assam Bukhial TGFOP-1 Second Flush

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Assam FTGFOP1 "Mangalam"

Assam "Mangalam" tea has large leaves with many golden buds. The color is dark amber. It tastes very delicate with a clean spicy aroma.

In 1973 created the owner of Manjushree plantation in brand new plantation and called it "Mangalam". Here he spent all his knowledge to develop a special tea of unique quality. The selected Camelia Assamica tea trees provide a tea with sweet and rich flavor.

Also available as a pyramid tea bag, "Assam FTGFOP1" Mangalam "

Brewing instructions:

  • dosage: 12 grams or 4-5 teaspoons per liter of water
  • water temperature: 100o C hot water
  • infusion time: 2-4 minutes (to the milk 6 minutes)

Quality grade: FTGFOP-1
Tea-type: Camelia Assamica
Country of origin:
Indien, delstaten Assam