Darjeeling Longview OP

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The entire stretch of Darjeeling town is mostly covered in green vegetation, either thick forests or jungles or lush green tea gardens. Developed by the British as a sanatorium for their sick solders and summer resort for their officers, Darjeeling is renowned all over the world for its tea, tourism and toy train. Darjeeling has the proud tag of one of the best produces of tea in the world. There are hundreds of tea gardens in Darjeeling of different size and magnitude. One among them is the Longview Tea Estate which is located in the foothills of Darjeeling in the Pankhabari area. This tea estate is also one of the best tea estates of Darjeeling and produces fine quality tea. The tea produced here has its own distinct flavour and taste which sets it apart from the rest. Among the plethora of gardens scattered all over the district, it has its own unique charm and grace made more intense by its sprawling beauty