Lapsang Souchong

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Lapsang Souchong smoked tea comes from the Wuyi mountains of China province of Fujian. Lapsang Souchong means in chinese:  "Small plant from Lapu mountain".

The story tells, that smoked tea was "invented" by an accident of 1100 years ago, when a tea manufacturing facility burned immediately after harvesting. The farmers tried to save as much of the harvest as possible, but discovered that the tea had been destroyed. But nothing should be wasted, so the peasants drank tea, which now had a considerable smoky taste, and liked it.

In reality, eager to satisfy demand, the tea producers sped up the drying process by having their workers dry the tea leaves over fires made from local pines. Today smoked (dried) tea still over pinewood in the same city.

This special tea often used mixed with Earl Grey tea or in other blends that have  a little smoky flavour.