Ibiza Sunrise organic white tea

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50 g/1,76 oz 100 g/3,52 oz 200 g. 400 g. 800 g. small sample

a real summer NEWS - white tea Ibiza Sunrise. Everything is organic here: Bai Mu Dan (white tea), Chun Mee delicious green tea, cranberry, lemongrass, lemon peel, licorice root, pieces of papaya, ginger and pomegranate, added natural flavor from grapefruit and lemon.

Here you get an unusually delicious fruit with a light green tea and the light tea of the white tea.

Brewing instructions:

     dosage: 12-15 g. per liter
     water temperature: 70-800 C
     Infusing time: 1-2 minutes

Country of origin: mixed in Germany