Quince black tea organic

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Quince black tea organic

Very tasty black organic chinese tea added natural flavor from real quinces.

The flavor of quince has been made by a patented technique without chemicals to bring up a delicious taste of quince. The flavor is made by a combination of two kinds of quinces, the ordinary quince also called pear-quince: Cydonia oblonga and the chinese quince: Pseudocydonia sinensis which is also called orange-quince or apple-quince.

As quinces have very little essential oil, the technique is to make the juice from frossen quinces and take away the water. That is in simple word the way to give good tea the real taste from these special and welltasty fruits.

We make the quince tast in black tea as well as green tea, and shortly we will make it in Rooibos tea, too.

Try it and I am sure it will be your favorite flavored tea.

brewing instructions:

  • dosage: 12 gram pr. liter (4-5 teaspoons)
  • water temperature: 95-1000 Celsius
  • extraction time: 4-6 minutes

Country of origin: China and other countries.

non-european farming