Bai Mu Dan White Peony Organic White Tea

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Bai Yun Cha

White organic tea Pai Mu Tan, or Bai Mu Tan (Bai Mu Dan means White Peony) and is what we here in Europe cal

led White Tea.

Bai Mu Dan comes from special tea-tree called "Bai Yun" from plantations where they only harvest white tea of several types, for example. Yin Zhen Bai Hao or White Needle. Bai Mu Dan is ALWAYS a strain-shot with one or two green leaves and yet unlived shot and stalk.

white tea tipsThe tips of white tea on the tea tree has a cover with tiny white "hairs".

In China white tea don'texist as tea type and Bai Mu Dan tea is used almost exclusively for "purification. These teas are not bitter because they contain nearly no bitter substance in the leaves and has a very low acidity. Unfortunately, they do not have many other useful minerals or vitamins, and therefore no "anti-oxidants" of importance.

Therefore they taste mild and slightly nutty taste and NOT really of tea. But it quenching thirst and give something to the body that feels nice.