Yun Mao Feng

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Yun Mao Feng comes from the province of Zhejiang south of West Lake east of Shanghai. This version comes from a small tea garden, next to the most famous Chinese tea garden that produces Lung Jing tea in highest quality. The soil is the same, which rubs off in the taste of this particular Mao Feng tea. Mao Feng means "Hairy Peakand alludes to the many hairy spikes in the tea leaves and that it grows on the hills. Here in the southern part of West Lake lake there is a lot of morning fog and mist all morning. This affects the taste of the tea greatly.

Its big brother named Huangshan Mao Feng and is the most famous Mao Feng tea. But it is almost impossible to come by at affordable prices. We managed to find its twin, (see here) which is the award-winning Mao Feng from Fujian in southern China.

The best teas are picked in early spring, before China's Qingming Festival (mid-June). When the tea leaves are picked, only the new shoots and leaves beside which picked. It is said by local tea farmers that the leaves resemble orchid buds.

Although the "only" a first grade (A +) quality, taste like a top quality Mao Feng. It is mild with enormously rich floral flavor, it has a sweetness that characterizes the great qualities and satisfying in a way, so we do not need any "sweets".

Mao Feng tea is the closest we can get to a real white tea.