Jasmine tea green pure

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Bai Tang Piao Xiang, its Chinese name, and it is unique. It is the only WHITE TIP tea with jasmine. It has got its delicate jasmine flavor by special process that takes up to 10 days. We only use the white tips.

True jasmine tea describe the very few Chinese teas stored or fermented with jasmine flowers for a special process. This means that it is NOT added jasmine oil or natural identical jasmine aroma.

This tea is stored for 10 days with selected Jasmine flower petals

It is naturally grown in a small area south of Wuxi mountains of Fujian province. I have seen how it has been produced, and I have even been allowed to participate in the process. I am full of admiration for these people who produce this gem.

A description of the taste will never be able to justify the real taste, it must be tested.

In 2012 they produced two tea gardens that make this tea, 175 kg. in total. It takes approx. 7700 tips to 1 kilo.


Brewing instructions:

  1.      1 tablespoon no top down in a glass and pour over 72-740 C hot water (= 2 parts freshly boiled water mixed with 1 part cold spring water)
  2.      First, the water poured discarded
  3.      then brewed by infusion time of approx. 2 minutes
  4.      do not throw the leaves away, but go on to brew.
  5.      You can brew more than 10 times on the same leaves.