Jasmine tea JinJing High Grade organic

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Jinjing Jasmine tea is made from the genuine way in the area outside Changcha in Hunan Province on a sustainable organic agriculture. It is a green tea in 1. grade quality, a rarity in this part of the world, and it is fermentated 28%.

True Jasmine tea is NOT added jasmine oil or natural identical jasmine aroma, but has its jasmine taste that tea is fermented together with jasmine flowers.

In Hunan province in a scenic area north of the city of Changsha is a jasmine flower type not found elsewhere in the world. Because of soil conditions here, fragrant jasmine are quite different sweet and without the often slightly perfume-like scent.

As tea is quite unsurpassed. It is hardly bitter, all Jinjing teas and jasmine flavor you get a soft and delicately rounded light cup.

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