Formosa Dung Ti Oolong

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Formosa "Dung Ti"

So we've got this beautiful Oolong tea back home.

This Oolong Formosa tea is known as Mount Dung Dung Ti or Tin or Dong Ding - in English is called "The Frozen Peak". As you can see from the picture aOolong teapot 0.350 ml.f tea leaves before brewing, they are very dark and round like little balls of tea rolled up. They are very mild in flavor and reminds me much of a pale and refreshing cup of black tea.

To brew this beautiful Oolong tea, I recommend 1 teaspoon to 200 ml of water at 800 C and leave for 3-4 minutes. I think that this brewing provides a refreshing and sweet cup of tea.
While I wait for the water to boil, I smell the tea leaves and finds a very subtle floral and slightly sweet scent. After 4 minutes standing I pour the tea in my cup and sees teen is very delicate yellow in color which does not match the beautiful fine taste of Oolong tea, which is very black-tea-like, clean and fresh and could imagine to drink on a regular basis, as it is not as heavy as some tea other teas may be.

The tea leaf is rolled during manufacture. They therefore preserving their size while brewing tea. Teen is easily fermented about 32% and its mild flavor more reminiscent of green tea than black tea - and yet not.

1 teaspoons 2 cups water
80o C hot water (pour 25% cold tap water in the freshly boiled water)
3-4 min. extraction time

Type: Oolong tea
Country of origin: Taiwan (Formosa)