Tie Guan Yin B+

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Servers you Tie Guan Yin for Chinese know, you get a big star with him.

We call the Tie Guan Yin Oolong for Green because the production method similar to Oolong tea, but with very slight fermentation, about 8% of the time. The taste is indescribably good.
This Tie Guan Yin get myself in Fujian province in southern China and is B+ (2.grade) quality. I can not find a similar quality here in Europe.
It is a pleasure to drink this tea. It is rich and very filling. I've tried to brew on a small tablespoon (without top) over 20 times and each time was wonderful.

This tea comes from a region in which agriculture is grown by natural methods, and from sustainable agriculture. We pick it up on the estate (tea-garden) in june 2012. My wife and I repare this tea after harvest together with the family, who owns the estate.