Genmaicha organic

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Genmeicha [Japanese: brown rice tea] or "popcorn's" Tea is an exciting and very different green tea. This version is the best I ever tasted.

It is originally a poor man's tea in ancient Japan. But in recent times it has been given a renesance and considered a delicacy, as it is. Japanese Sushi and Japanese Genmaicha are inseparable and mutually supportive culinary perfect.

It is made in a Chinese Bancha mixed baked, roasted wild rice and popped rice, and gives a special flavor. Perfect as a drink for Japanese Soushi and Genmaicha can not be dismantled the perfect fit for each other.

After the accident in Japan, we no longer Japanese tea, why this tea is from China, are organic throughout, both tea and rice is naturally grown and certified organic in the EU.