Pu Erh tea organic

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50 g/1,76 oz 100 g/3,52 oz 200 g. 400 g. 800 g. small sample

Pu Erh tea is very special Chinese term fermented tea. Made only in Yunnan Province in China. Originally it is a tea like green leaves were transported to Beijing on the donkey. After 100 days the caravan arrived to Beijing from southern Yunnan, and the tea leaves had become dark brown and smelled like ass sweat. The origin story of Pu-Erh tea.

Today fermented Pu-Erh tea in the room where the tea leaves will layer in piles, and 14 days after they are ready for further processing. Among other things, Make-pressed sheets of those who break the Chinese pieces and pour in hot water.

This tea is in loose leaf, cut into small pieces. The taste is very special. Some think it's a delicacy, others think the opposite. Tea incidentally also called fat-killer because it has a positive impact on our combustion.

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