White Tips Cui Min tea organic

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50 g/1,76 oz 100 g/3,52 oz 200 g. 400 g. 800 g. small sample

This white tea from Fujian in China is a little treasure. Carefully picked and processed, you can see the perfect quality of the white leaf tips. A tea that is quite unique with its fresh and aromatic flavor. For tea connoisseur, this is a tea you want to enjoy again and again.

The infusion has a beautiful bright green cup and a fresh taste, not great and not strong but mellow.

Cui Min means "fragile sensitivity" and refers to the rather large, finely hairy white shots, but when these white shots no taste of importance, it rolls show Chinese tea producer always a similar size green leaf, which is fermented with surpluses a carefully selected circumstances, so that the flavor gets the filling, a great tea to have. This ratio changes from year to year. Fermentation ratio approx. 12%.

Interestingly enough, the great "white" teas always from natural, sustainable and organic agriculture, because the ethics of these farmers are very much in producing a high quality product. And you can't do that if you use chemicals to mimic the Earth's own gravity.

White Tips Cui My tea is organically approved in the EU.