Wild Berries green tea organic

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50 g/1,76 oz 100 g/3,52 oz 200 g. 400 g. 800 g. Taste sample for a small pot
Chinese Sencha tea rows from the worst to the best. Here, our supplier in Germany got hold of a very delicate Sencha from a few small tea gardens in southern China. The taste is very good and here smacks be completely how well a natural grown can taste compared to the general. Gentleness in this Sencha fits perfectly with the natural essential oil blend of various berries gathered from the wild, such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, blackberries and buckthorn, they added.

Here is a fruit basket in the tea-cup, light green beautiful color in the cup, and authentic taste of berries. Very mellow.

Made also a delicious natural grown black Yunnan tea, or organic rooibos tea.