Basil organic

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Basil: tribes originally from tropical areas of Asia and East Africa. In India it has been grown at the temples for more than 5000 years. All basil varieties love hot but not direct strong sunlight. They thrive in the greenhouse or in a sheltered terrace in the jar. We plant basil with great success under greenhouse plants. Here there is partial shade, good heat and fertile soil, for example. two tomatoes as tomato plant secretes a substance that deters aphids. If you want large leaf yield should top bud nipped by already when the plant is 6 cm high - or at the latest when the inflorescence appears both on headshots and possible. side shoots. In turn the force into the new side shoots that form new leaves. Do not let the Basil dry out, because it will then tend to be bitter.

Basil is perennial but grown as annual. But it's always worth a try to overwinter basil on the windowsill, as it is estimated to use in the winter months and become a stronger plant when put out to early summer.

Basil is used heavily in the southern European cuisine, and is especially good for tomato dishes. Also suitable for sauces, salads and of course pesto. Basil is said to be soothing, krampeløsnende and love stimulating, and it takes we would like to ...

Use in food: You can benefit from using basil in food - both the flowers, leaves and stems. Basil preferably used in salads, pestoer and for meat and paste dishes. Often besilikum first added the hot dishes to the very end, because the oils that form the aroma, often disappears when heated.