Genuine laurel organic

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  • Krydderi-vægt i pose: 32 g.

Genuine laurel is an evergreen tree with a broad, cone-shaped crown and ascending branches. The flowers smell sweet and the leaves have a sharp, spicy scent why bay leaves used as seasoning.

Especially Turkey exporter of bay leaves. There are only a taste of the laurel, which grows cold in the mountains.

Genuine laurel should not be confused with laurel-cherry (Prunus laurocerasus) which is probably evergreen like laurels, but belong to a different plant family Rosaceae.

Bay leaves are an old and indispensable flavor to the kitchen. In the classic bouquet garni (krydderbuket) must be bay leaf besides thyme and parsley - the rest is a matter of taste. Gives flavor to cooked meat and fish, is good in soups and pates, in marinades and jams stock and simmer fashioned dishes. Use them also when grilling fish or meat, it gives a wonderful spicy flavor. And throw a leaf in the water when you cook rice, beans and lentils.

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